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Long term inability to loose weight or the gaining it back could be caused by emotional issues.  If so, our hypnotist might be able to help you find and neutralize those reasons which would greatly increase your success of weight management, especially in the long term.  According to the specific needs of the client, our hypnotist may use a combination of Hypnosis and NLP, EFT and other techniques to achieve some or all of the following results: 

 Reduction or Elimination of (if any):
- Emotional issues that cause inability to control weight,
- Triggers for Impulsive Eating,
- Bad eating habits,
- Specific food types and Cravings.

Achieving: - Positive Outlook and increased confidence,
- Reduce Portion Size,
- Stopping when full,
- Learn tools to neutralize cravings when they emerge,
- Motivation to Become more active,
- Learn Self hypnosis to take control, and for continued motivation and success.

For weight management , we recommend at least 3 sessions. First two sessions within 3-5 days apart.  The third session within a week following the second session.   Fourth follow up (tune-up) session 2 -3 weeks following the third session.

​​If needed or desired, reinforcement sessions could be scheduled within 3 to 6 or 12 months periods.  
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Long term successful weight management is possible - We Can help

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