Pisan Mental Health Services - Onur Pisan, Certified Hypnotherapist

​Z.G. November 17, 2014

I had an LIFE-CHANGING session with my friend and mentor Onur Pisan this week. I've shifted and transformed my relationship to men and to myself and to all of humanity. In a 2 hour session. That's how we roll.I'm so inspired by the work Onur (also knows as Omar) does. And he does it because he loves what he does and he genuinely wants to help people. And he's really really good at it.If you're looking to move some "shit" and get to the essence of you... make an appointment with Onur, he's local in the Miami area.


S.A. September 12, 2014

I have had two sessions with Onur and I can honestly and whole heartedly say that I have significantly improved. I participated in the hypnosis sessions with the intention to heal my anxiety. The hypnosis session brought me back to the root of the issue in this lifetime. Especially by the second session, which filled in some missing puzzle pieces from the first session. Two sessions later and my anxiety has calmed down so much that I feel like a new person. Onur is very empowering and comforting during the session and I'm so grateful for his work. Thank you!


D.A.R. December 16, 2014
I wanted to share a little about my Hypno therapy session with Omar. It was an interesting experience to go back to a point in my life I did not want to relive and be there along side of my self to let him know everything will be ok.It was similar if not identical to going back to a point where you were traumatized and sending Reiki energy to.I really appreciate this as it is another wall that is being torn down of my self to allow me to further be who I truly am. We have so many walls we put up....for what...It is a defense mechanism to "protect" us because we feel our power was taken from us without our permission. But just know what ever pain you feel in your heart it can always be healed. There are no needs to put those walls up. I am slowly coming to terms with this...but it is one thing to be told it, and another to actually experience it.I know this life of mine will be used in the service of others and my self to allow us all to break free from these shackles within our mind. Those same shackles that dis empower us to make us feel small. In truth we are infinite.I love you and I thank you for this experience.


S.E. August 7, 2014

I received my first one-on-one hypnosis session this week with Omar. From the start Omar made me feel comfortable and at ease. He explained everything we were going to do and asked if there were any areas of my life I wanted to focus on. During the hypnosis, I traveled back to a time of trauma and Omar helped me move passed this, forgiving people and letting them go. Not only was it fascinating, it was incredibly healing. I let go entirely and enjoyed the experience. The whole time Omar was an encouraging passenger, helping me navigate the sub conscious. I would surely get hypnotized by Omar again and I highly recommend his services to others. Thank you!

Maryline L., Bordeaux, France - January 13, 2014 

Omar, I'm fine... and my morale is high altitude ;) Indeed, since my therapeutic work with you, I feel lighter and more and more detached... I feel free from the past. Even though, I have always been aware of the negative consequences and wounds that originated from my childhood, being able to "feel" and live again" these memories through hypnosis was definitely liberating for me.  Since my childhood, the accumulation of negative emotions and bad feelings which I unconsciously blamed myself for, had indirect  impact on my health through diseases such as sarcoidosis, breast cancer in 2008 and more recently the new in situ carcinoma removed this spring 2013 !  I always knew personally that my cancer was a call from the body, a body in pain. Cancer and emotion are closely related and more and more cancer specialists agree on this fact.
Thanks to the work on the body through hypnosis, negative emotions from the past that bothered me have since "moved" outside of my body. I am definitely relieved.


Jessica P. - August, 15 2013

Thanks Omar. My fear of sleeping in the dark has disappeared. One 15 minute session did the trick and I'm sleeping great at night now, I haven't woken up in the middle of the night and I can sleep without the Television or a light on.


S.P.   2012

Thank you for helping me get rid of feelings that were eating away at me from the inside out for years, making me feel down and helpless. Continents apart, by phone, without even having to ask me who and what was really causing my problems, you were able to help get rid of all those negative feelings.  I now have confidence, happiness and peace.  I am now stronger. This is just the beginning. I congratulate you helping yourself and others and I wish you success.  


M.K.  2012

I have to say, I have been feeling great since our session. I have been keeping up with exercising and eating less. I have lost a couple of kilos without trying. Thank u so much. If you guys ever come over and visit, I would have you booked solid because now so many friends and colleagues want a session.


S.Y. 2013

I know it's been a long time since we last met, but I think psychologically it has helped me a lot. I met a new girl and I am very confident around her and talking about my problem. I could never do this before. Physically, there is no change. But mentally, I'm not depressed like I used to be. Just wanted to let you know.


B.H. 2013

Hello Omar.. I wanted to thank you.  Doctors can’t explain what happened. Thank God, our daughter miraculously healed . We are still on edge to make sure she is 100% well but, thank goodness, currently no major problem, and we hope our little girl will continue to grow healthy.