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Do you feel stressed all the time and find yourself overreacting to people and situations? Is the stress affecting your personal life and your relationships? We might be able to help.   
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We live in a stressful world, "and an increasing body of research suggests that our hyper-vigilant lifestyle is severely impacting the health of our bodies... Almost every major illness that people acquire has been linked to chronic stress. (Lipton Ph.D., Bruce H. The Biology of Belief, Hay House.)

"For two years in a row, the annual stress survey commissioned by the American Psychological Association has found that about 25% of Americans are experiencing high levels of stress (rating their stress level as 8 or more on a 10-point scale), while another 50% report moderate levels of stress (a score of 4 to 7). Perhaps not surprising, given continuing economic instability in this country and abroad, concerns about money, work, and the economy rank as the top sources of stress for Americans...  

This combination of reactions to stress is also known as the "fight-or-flight" response because it evolved as a survival mechanism, enabling people and other mammals to react quickly to life-threatening situations. The carefully orchestrated yet near-instantaneous sequence of hormonal changes and physiological responses helps someone to fight the threat off or flee to safety. Unfortunately, the body can also overreact to stressors that are not life-threatening, such as traffic jams, work pressure, and family difficulties.

Over the years, researchers have learned not only how and why these reactions occur, but have also gained insight into the long-term effects stress has on physical and psychological health. Over time, repeated activation of the stress response takes a toll on the body. Research suggests that prolonged stress contributes to high blood pressure, promotes the formation of artery-clogging deposits, and causes brain changes that may contribute to anxiety, depression, and addiction. More preliminary research suggests that chronic stress may also contribute to obesity, both through direct mechanisms (causing people to eat more) or indirectly (decreasing sleep and exercise)." (Harvard Medical School, Harvard Mental Health Letter, Understanding the Stress Response, March 2011)

"The British Psychological Society has now officially declared hypnosis a proven therapeutic medium to curb stress, anxiety..." (

Our Hypnotist will not only help you find and REDUCE reasons for YOUR STRESS for long term outcome, but also will work with you to empower you with tools such as EFT and Self Hypnosis and NLP Techniques such as Anchoring to deal with situations where you might normally have a stressful response.    Stress may be a complicated issue, possibly with several aspects.  Usually as 3 session program would make a significant positive outcome.  
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