2003/05/08 - Hypnosis Makes Broken Bones Heal Faster


Ginandes and Daniel Rosenthal, professor of radiology at the Harvard Medical School, published a report on their study of hypnosis to speed up the mending of broken bones. They recruited 12 people with broken ankles who did not require surgery and who received the usual treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In addition, Ginandes hypnotized half of them once a week for 12 weeks, while the other half received only normal treatment. The same doctor applied the casts and other care, and the same radiologists took regular X-rays to monitor how well they healed. A radiologist who evaluated the X-rays did not know which patients underwent hypnosis. The result stood out like a sore ankle. Those who were hypnotized healed faster than those who were not. Six weeks after the fracture, those in the hypnosis group showed the equivalent of eight and a half weeks of healing.


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Fri, April 18 hypnosis: a proven therapeutic medium to

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The British Psychological Society has now officially declared hypnosis a proven therapeutic medium to curb stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines.


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       Hypnosis IS empowerment! Hypnosis is helping ordinary everyday people with ordinary everyday issues. Our Hypnosis Techniques are designed to give you a broader understanding of your issue and the ability to change misconceptions that might have been embedded into your subconscious mind.  Our goal is to empower you with tools that will give you the confidence to take control of your issues and the knowledge and understanding that you are not powerless and that YOU CAN CHANGE!



Hypnosis IS NOT mind control!    During a session you will be fully aware of your surroundings, understanding and remembering everything that happens.  You will be able to communicate, ask questions or stop the session if you choose to do so.  Imagine yourself as the driver of a taxi cab where the Hypnotist would be the passenger.  The hypnotist will give you directions on where to go and what to do, but the car is in your control and you may choose to follow the Hypnotist’s suggestions or not.  This is why the effectiveness of the session will depend on your commitment to your achievement and on your decision to ACCEPT the hypnotist’s POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS.  For further comfort, you will be offered the option to have your session videotaped. Should you have any question about the session afterwards, you may ask to review it with the hypnotist.  

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